So long WRX… Hello family vehicle!

With the recent addition to our family, we needed more room for traveling with a baby and 3 pups. I picked up a 2012 Chevy Traverse in February and then sold the WRX to a fellow auto-X’er. A little sad to see it go, but the Traverse is pretty sweet. :)

Host change

I’ve got all the pictures from Gallery2 back and running properly. All my old forum posts should be functioning properly again.


Host Change Complete

The website change to my new host is complete. I manage a VPS at work, so I’ve migrated my site there. The nice part about this change is that I have full control over the server. The only downside of the change is that my old Gallery2 links that I’ve got scoured across the internet will not work anymore. I may see if I can pull that over and just “grandfather” in the old stuff so that they still work. For now though, everything is loaded with Gallery3 and embedded with G3Client, which isn’t quite as nice as the WPG2 plugin, but seems to work pretty well.

Interested in hosting your website? Contact me!

Host Change

I’m in the process of changing web hosts. The process will also update the gallery from Gallery 2 to Gallery 3 (I think, unless I try and get back to 2 and keep everything the way it was before).

More to come.

The Bike Lives!

After a year of sitting, the bike finally started! It was a great moment. Now to finish off the little things… a tail light, rear turn signals, cleaning up the wire mess, brake fluid, etc.