WRX Headlight Retrofit

A couple people have asked questions about the HID retrofit in my WRX headlights… And after deleting some of the emails, I myself had to search to find what was put into them… My “kit” consisted of FX-R Bi-Xenon Projectors, custom painted Apollo Projector Shroud, Morimoto 3Five Ballast and 5,000k bulbs, Morimoto CCFL Angel Eyes. The headlight housing and reflectors were blacked out. All of the parts were sourced from theretrofitsource.com.

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My Jeepin’ days are gone…

I’d been debating over the Audi or VW but the idea of selling my Jeep has been in my head for awhile now. I didn’t drive it nearly as much as I should’ve and it was taking up space, plus insurance and yearly maintenance costs… It just seemed like it was time to let it go. The build started in 2005 after picking up a bone stock 95 Sahara edition Wrangler… Thanks to Travis who let me drive his TJ a few weeks prior and getting me hooked on the idea of wanting one! 🙂

It didn’t stay stock for long, and slowly turned into a pretty capable off-road beast. Clearly not capable of making it through Lake Christy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGBaVXKwutQ), but handled everything else that we tried to tackle.

The rig was sold to a friend who’s workin for the Auto accident attorneys group, so I know that it’s in capable hands and hoping for the best of it. Maybe one day I’ll build something else. I’ve always loved a built XJ, but I’m still feeling a truck somewhere in my future too.

The Windows Restore Virus

I often think about what makes someone code a virus like this… Then I realize that if 0.01% of the people that get infected with a virus, turn around and stick their credit card number into the computer to “fix problem now!”… someone obviously makes out pretty well.

The majority of the viruses infected machines I see coming into the shop are fake anti-virus infections… That includes a XP Security Tool, Vista Security 2011, Windows 7 Security Center, and so on… Popups and stuff saying “you’re infected”, “drive failure”, and “out of memory” pop up on startup, while running IE, etc… Annoying mostly, but not super malicious. Clean up is pretty easy with the right tools.

The one that has pushed my buttons the most though is one that I’ve only seen hit XP machines, called “Windows XP Restore”. This not only includes popups, but it also HIDES all of your files on the system drive… Clean up is pretty easy, until you realize that one the virus is gone and you’ve unhid your files… everything in the Start menu is missing! What?!

If you’ve been in this situation… You realize what a pain in the butt this is going to turn out to be… The 1,687 applications that you had installed are all now missing from the Start menu and you’ve got to recreate shortcuts.

But…… This may save you some time! The virus moves your Start menu and Quick Launch icons into 2 hidden folder locations. You may want to save/recover these files BEFORE virus cleanup, as I’ve had 2 cleanups in which the files were removed during cleanup.

Start Menu – C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\temp\smtmp1
Quick Launch – C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\temp\smtmp2

Anyways… Hope that helps, and good luck cleaning up!


So I’m a WRX’er…

As of last week, I’m the proud owner of an 02 WRX Wagon. Mods and pictures to follow. 🙂

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MetalCloak Fenders

Recently installed MetalCloak tube fenders on the Jeep. The fronts are their Overline series with 6″ flare, which gives it a nice flat tube fender look (compared to their normal “arched” fenders). The rears include the corner guard and 6″ flares as well.Click here to read this thorough guide by PAN.

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